> Hello world...

Image of a field shot from the ground

Welcome! You’ve found my little playground, a tiny slice of the web for spewing the guts of my mind. Lucky you!

This site is intended to be very minimal, just a clean and simple blog for spilling the words that swim around the cesspit of my old and well worn brain matter. You might find the odd image here and there too.

If you really care (does anyone even read these things?) my name is Jackie, I’m a woman in my mid forties, married, have a lovely grown up and flown the nest daughter of whom I’m very proud, and I like to torture myself with learning new things. Usually things like the stuff this website is built on (Hugo).

My interests are wide and varied, but consist mainly of:

  • Photography.
  • Writing and journalling.
  • All manner of geekery eg web coding, most of which I’m rubbish at but I love tinkering.
  • Fountain pens and stationery in general.
  • Gaming, mainly on PC.
  • Mental health, given I live a life accompanied by anxiety and depression.
  • All things related to vaping. I was an early adopter (2009) and though I don’t follow developments quite as avidly now I still try to keep up.
  • Music. My tastes are very wide but my first love will always be metal (and Springsteen!).
  • Tea. Come on, I’m British, it’s expected!

Ok, enough about me, I’m boring myself.

If you need to contact me I can be found on Twitter though I’m more active on Mastodon currently.

Or you can email me - jackie at jacs.xyz Be warned that I’m quite bad at replying speedily though!

You can find my photography at Flickr and 500px. I’m in the process of searching for a satisfactory solution for a self hosted photography portfolio / blog.

I also have another blog at jacs.xyz hosted by write.as.