Hey there, it’s been a while! So long in fact that I decided the blog needed a new theme. That decision was made 6 hours ago. It should not take me 6 hours to swap out a pre-built theme. Absolutely not the fault of either Hugo or Netlify, I’m just having a brain fog day. In the end I scrapped the whole thing in Netlify and started again, it was just easier that way. But I got there eventually, and so here we are.

Anyway, welcome to my lovely new dark blog. Thank you very much to Radosław Kozieł for sharing his Hello Friend theme. (Love the Mr Robot content on the demo site too.) I love minimal yet elegant designs like this.

If you’re not fond of the colour scheme you can let the light back in by clicking the little lightbulb icon in the top right corner. Personally I prefer the dark aesthetic and it has the added bonus of being much easier on my poor ageing eyes.

Now that I’m much happier with the way the blog is looking I can actually get on and write some content. You never know, it might just happen this time - I have plans! Well, very rough plans, but for me that’s a huge step in the right direction.